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-Wolfpack Mission-

 Educating and developing young athletes to perform at their greatest abilities on and off the field.

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    Season tickets can be bought online at our E-Store or contact one of our Athletes. 

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    A minor league full contact football team located in Spokane, Washington. We provide opportunities for players, coaches and fans of the game to continue to pursue their passion. We are a member of the Western Washington Football Alliance-WWFA and are working to assist the North Idaho and Eastern Washington communities with works of charity and community involvement along with providing a high quality football team on the field. We do operate on fundraising and sponsors to support the program and help us continue bringing a positive experience to the athletes as well as the community. 

    ​The Spokane Wolfpack

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    ​​​Season Tickets $40
    Regular Season Game-$10 18yrs and up

    Post Season Game-$15 18yrs and up

    We are now excepting applicants to our future programs!

    This will allow you as an athlete to get started on the upcoming season before anyone else.  Learning our program takes several months and is now offered before OTA's even start!

    Please apply at and get started today!

    ​The Spokane Wolfpack